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United Group of Food Consultants

Even when global change and new technologies are disprupting work and careers, food continues to be at the epicenter of human existence. It is not surprising that one of the most prominent and most employment intensive industry in India and the world is the Food Technology Industry.

At United Group of Food Consultants, we are creating a powerful global network for you, connecting you with the right people, connections and transformation to build your dream enterprise and career in the food technology industry.


1. Connect with Powerful Professionals
A key element of successful food technology career is the people you engage with. Get access to our network of experienced professionals, students and faculty and find opportunities for your career, growth and fruitful collaborations.

2. Learn from the Best
Upgrade yourself by being up to date on the developments, trends and various aspects in the food technology sector. Watch Youtube videos and read blogs on topics covered on popular demand. Submit your questions, queries and challenges you face in your enteprise, and our experts will give answers in Youtube videos and blogs.

3. Transform Enterprises with Expert Consultancy
Establish and sustain a successful food processing enterprises by building standardised high quality products. Consult the experts and find solutions to roadblocks in your business operations.

4. Build your Brand
Fulfill your enterprise branding and marketing needs with our network of marketing service professionals, who can help you with website building, digital brand management, trademark and content writing.